Since its establishment in 1992, Goldman & Knell CPA’s, LLP provides its clients with unparalleled personal service of the highest quality, while remaining flexible and uniquely suited to their individual needs. Our Business and Wealth Management services enhance and simplify our clients’ lives, helping balance their professional and personal commitments. We work closely at all times with our clients’ Personal Managers, Attorneys, Agents, and other professionals as part of a team effort to achieve the greatest possible result for our clients.

Our clients are Entertainers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals who are accumulating great wealth through outstanding professional success. They face complex and interconnected financial, business, and life-style challenges, which are intensified by extreme time pressures and the need for constant mobility. Our boutique management agency gives clients personal, individual attention with the security of knowing that their business affairs are being handled efficiently, accurately, and professionally. Just as you achieve personal and professional success as a result of your unique skills, talents, and creativity, we act as your financial “quarterback” to help you reach your individual financial goals.

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